Where Do Millionaires Go On Vacation?

Fasten your seat belt! These destinations will make you green with envy! We travel hand in hand with the richest people in the world to show you what a dream vacation looks like.

Tranquility And Exclusivity Above All

These are the two qualities that millionaires look for when they pack their bags to go on vacation. They find those isolated beaches which require a private jet ride. The rich have paradise at the tip of their fingers. We will give you a glimpse, but we did warn you, you might get jealous.

Hotels, superfluous resorts, islands and private beaches, as well as some classic destinations are on the list of places where everything is expensive and clearly worth the price.

We're taking a look at the world through the eyes of those who spare no expenses. They can afford what is forbidden to us; our pockets simply cannot hold all of those bills!

If You Were Rich, Where Would You Go On Vacation?

by Rebecca Herr