Seven Places To Visit With Mom

Whether your mama is adventurous, traditional, a music-lover, a foodie... there are options for everyone!

LONDON: For The Mom Who Wants A Classic Experience

"London calling". That's what your mother thinks every time she sees the British capital on TV, magazines, guides. Do not torture her anymore. She wishes with all her strength to feel like Queen Elizabeth II having tea, visiting Big Ben or visiting those vintage shops that store treasures from other eras.

VIENNA: When Your Mama Has A Sweet Tooth

VIENNA: When Your Mama Has A Sweet Tooth

If your mom dies for sweets, take her to Vienna! The capital of Austria is the epicenter of European desserts and, in addition, is at the forefront of European architecture, thanks to its impressive buildings. Don't forget to visit the Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the famous Empress Sisi. 

Although what really matters is that you have tea with your mother at Hotel Sacher. Their famous Sacher Cake is a treat only for Chocoholics.

Where would you travel with your mother?

by Rebecca Herr