Why Do We Go Back To The Same Travel Destinations Again And Again?

Do you always go on vacation to the same place? Everything has an explanation!


No one understands why we are in love with Asturias, Spain or why we keep spending our vacations there again and again. Its cliffs, its furious beaches, its green mountains, its friendly inhabitants, its famous cider, its cachopos (fried steak, cheese and ham), its fog...EVERYTHING!

That region fascinates us to the point of swearing that when we retire, we'll spend the end of our days looking at the sea from one of its cliffs until time stops.

Now, after pouring our hearts out, we're going to give you the scientific answer about that unconditional love we have for a specific destination. Such is the feeling that many people think that if they do not return again to their paradise, it is a betrayal. Romanticism in its purest state!

by St├ęphanie