10 safe and attractive destinations for women traveling alone

Do you know what the safest places in the world for a woman to travel are? We tell you!

The world belongs to women!

A study signed by New World Wealth has just revealed which are the safest countries that women can travel alone without any problem this year, 2018. The data was taken from an investigation named Global Wealth Migration Review. The goal is to let women travel the world alone without being afraid and with all the civil and diplomatic security that the authorities of each state can provide.

"The security of women is one of the best ways to measure the potential of each country's wealth, taking as a reference the historical correlation of growth and the levels of security for women," the experts say.

Woman safety is the first way to mark the caliber of each country in terms of potential according to the historical correlation and safety levels for feméninas compared to the passage of time, '' experts say.

So, the increase of women's wealth and security go hand in hand. To obtain these results, the study was based on the percentage of female population in each country and the number of women who have been victims of any serious crime last year.

by Rebecca Herr