The Surprising Reason Planes Are Always Painted White

It's more complicated than you think...

Why are planes white?

Ever noticed that commercial airplanes are almost always white? 

White is a classic, chic look, but it turns out there is more to it than that. There are a number of advantages to painting a plane white.

The first one is that simply, it's cheaper.

“Paint adds between 600-1,200 lbs (273-544 kg) of weight to an aircraft,” according to a spokesperson for Boeing, who spoke to Telegraph Travel.

Extra weight equals higher fuel costs.

Money factors in other ways too: extra paint needed to provide colorful layers costs more money, and if an airline carrier wishes to sell their old planes later, they will have more difficulty doing it if the plane is not uniform white.

But price isn't the only reason for the pale color scheme... 

by Anna H