Flight Attendant Shares His Top Tips Tor Stress-Free Travel

Don't drink the water, and buy your guitar a seat.

A Flight Attendant with a major US airline -we'll call SkyGuy- took to reddit recently, answering questions about everything you've ever wanted to know about flying... 

Flying with precious objects

Flying with larger instruments, like guitars and cellos, is not easy, and when they are stowed in the luggage hold, they can easily get damaged. So what can you do to give your instrument a good chance of getting your precious instrument into the cabin with you? 

SkyGuy recommends checking in, and boarding as early as possible. "depending on the airline, you might have to sign up for a credit card or pay for early access. If you ask nicely, we have closets that we sometimes have room in." 

Another flight attendant chipped in, adding that as a guitar physically wont fit under a seat or in the overhead locker the only two sure options were to either buy a hard case to protect the instrument in the hold, or to buy a seat specifically for it, as many professional musicians do.

Our advice? Take up the harmonica instead.

by Anna H