These Are the Most Commonly Misspelled Words in Each State

Seriously, America?!?

I mean, we kind of knew that spelling wasn't our greatest strength... and English can be a pretty ridiculous language sometimes. But this chart is pretty eye-opening.

Google Trends mapped out the hardest words to spell in each state across the country, based on searches for "how to spell" and then the word in question. You might expect (or hope) that the words would be long, scholarly, complicated...

But no. The majority are 10 letters or fewer, with some even being between 1 and 5 letters.

REALLY, America?!

I mean, Washington, Michigan, Maine, and Alabama are doing okay with "pneumonia". That one is definitely tricky.

But, um...New Mexico? "Banana"? That's one of the easiest fruits to spell!

And Hawaii... "people"? You can spell Google, but you can't spell PEOPLE?!

Maybe most surprising is the sheer number of states that have trouble spelling the word "beautiful".

But the clear winners here are West Virginia and Connecticut, who just had to show everybody else up with the longest word in the English dictionary: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I mean, can ANYBODY spell that one right?

Props, guys. Well done.


Overall, it could have been worse, but we might want to up our spelling game before the next Google survey rolls around.

But these results should be comforting if you've ever had doubts about your spelling skills... We can clearly all relate! ;)

What do you think of your state's result?